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Perfect Season


Hand-Farming Sustainably

Farming practices at Bidwell Creek Estate are based on long-term sustainability to enable the preservation of the land and its natural resources.  The quality of the air, soil and water is safeguarded through an ongoing effort to evolve and continually improve farming methods.

Sustainable farming practices include water conservation and monitoring, an important consideration for the Estate and its location along Bidwell Creek.  A water pond, filled by reclaimed and recycled sub-surface drainage water, is used to irrigate the vines in a block-by-block fashion.  If needed, individual vines showing more dryness are hand-watered to reduce water waste.  Two frost systems are in place:  overhead sprinklers (typically used in the area) and wind machines.  In minor frost events, the wind machines are used instead of the sprinkler system to help further reduce water usage.  

Although not certified organic, the vineyard is farmed organically as a general practice using reduced-risk fungicides.  A permanent cover crop planted in alternating rows is used to stimulate better entomology and enrich the soil with nitrogen-fixing material which eliminates the need for synthetic fertilizers.

Bidwell Creek Vineyard is meticulously hand-farmed with careful attention by the team at Barbour Vineyard Management to produce the very best fruit possible. The growing season starts with pruning in late winter followed by budbreak in late March/early April.  The vines flower in early June and continue their gradual maturation until mid to late October when harvest takes place.